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Advanced Programming Techniques CO536 Module
Agile Development and Software Security A CO552 Module
Agile Software Development CO547 Module
Applications Project CO333 Module
Cognitive Neural Networks CO636 Module
Cognitive Neural Networks CO836 Module
Computational Creativity CO659 Module
Computational Intelligence in Business, Economics and Finance CO656 Module
Computer Applications CO329 Module
Computer Systems CO324 Module
Computer systems and cryptography CO634 Module
Computing Concepts and Practice CO332 Module
Computing law and professional responsibility CO643 Module
Computing Theory and Concurrent Programming CO554 Module
Data mining CO649 Module
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery CO832 Module
Data Structures and Algorithms CO551 Module
Database Systems CO532 Module
Databases and the Web CO323 Module
Dynamic Web CO525 Module
eHealth CO816 Module
Electronic commerce CO639 Module
Extended IT Consultancy Project CO843 Module
Foundations of Computing I CO322 Module
Fundamentals of Information Technology and Computing CO542 Module
Further Object-Oriented Programming CO520 Module
Healthcare Computing CO336 Module
Human Computer Interaction (2012/2013) CO328 Module
Information Systems Analysis CO546 Module
Information Systems Analysis CO533 Module
Introduction to Information Systems CO321 Module
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming CO320 Module
IT Consultancy Methods CO534 Module
IT Consultancy Practice 1 CO535 Module
IT Consultancy Practice 2 CO645 Module
IT Consultancy Project CO650 Module
Mathematics for Computing CO335 Module
Networking CO544 Module
People and Computing CO334 Module
Project CO600 Module
Semantic Web CO644 Module
Signal Analysis for Computing CO662 Module
Software engineering process CO548 Module
Software Project CO655 Module
Visual Programming CO331 Module
Web Development CO539 Module

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