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Advanced cell and molecular biology PHAM1086 Module
Advanced drug delivery technologies PHAM1090 Module
Advanced neuroscience PHAM1087 Module
Advanced therapeutics agents PHAM1089 Module
Applied chemistry CHEM1097 Module
Applied Microbiology MICR1008 Module
Applied therapeutics I PHAM1098 Module
Body systems 2: Pathophysiology, pharmacology and therapeutics of selected disorders PHAM1056 Module
Brain, Psychology and Eyes PHAM1126 Module
Cancer, Infection, Joints and Lungs PHAM1128 Module
Clinical pharmacokinetics, cancer biology and infection control PHAM1074 Module
Heart, Renal, Endocrine and Nutrition PHAM1127 Module
Introduction to pharmacy: professional skills, development, law and ethics 1D PHAM1005 Module
Medicinal products: Pharmaceutics and chemistry for pharmacy 1A PHAM1004 Module
Medicines design and manufacture 2 PHAM1055 Module
Medicines design and manufacture 3 PHAM1073 Module
Microbiology MICR1007 Module
Molecules, cells and body systems: Cell biology and biochemistry 1B PHAM1054 Module
Molecules, cells and body systems: Physiology and pharmacology 1C PHAM1003 Module
Pharmacology and therapeutics I PHAM1008 Module
Pharmacy practice 2 PHAM1009 Module
Pharmacy practice 3: Medicines management PHAM1013 Module
Practitioner and patient - Pharmacy practice 4 - Advances in pharmacy PHAM1097 Module
Preparing for Practice PHAM1125 Module
Research methods PHAM1011 Module
Sustained research project PHAM1096 Module

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