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Accounting and Financial Management CB9124 Module
Alternative investments CB776 Module
Business Analytics CB9103 Module
Business Finance AC502 Module
Business financial management CB715 Module
Business information systems CB720 Module
Business Law CB561 Module
Business Law and Employment Rights CB760 Module
Business Placement Experience CB699 Module
Business Placement Report CB698 Module
Business Skills CB311 Module
Business Valuation and Financial Analysis CB723 Module
Business/Management Project CB542 Module
Career Management for Stage 3 Business Programmes CB793 Module
CB385: Business Analysis in Practice CB385 Module
CB5009 Contract Law and Consumer Rights CB5009 Module
CB9122 Leadership and Change CB9122 Module
Consultancy Skills and Practice CB9125 Module
Consumer and Organisational Buying Behaviour CB9029 Module
Consumer insight CB718 Module
Contemporary Issues in Tourism CB558 Module
Corporate and Business Strategy CB679 Module
Corporate and Business Strategy (HDA) CB6012 Module
Corporate Finance CB765 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility CB796 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility CB754 Module
Corporate Strategy and Performance Measurement CB9128 Module
Creating your own Enterprise CB742 Module
Critical Thinking for Contemporary Business Issues CB724 Module
Data Analysis and Forecasting CB9040 Module
Data management for business CB362 Module
Digital and Social Media Design CB9132 Module
Digital consumer CB797 Module
Digital Information Systems: A Management Perspective CB756 Module
Digital Marketing Data Mining and Analytics CB9138 Module
Digital Marketing Research CB9141 Module
Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning CB9140 Module
Dissertation for MSc VCM CB9055 Module
Economics for Business 1 CB365 Module
Economics for Business 2 CB795 Module
Economics for Business 2 CB363 Module
Emerging IT Trends for Digital Marketing CB9139 Module
Employability and Study Skills for Success CB373 Module
Employability for Stage 2 Business Programmes CB791 Module
Enterprise CB613 Module
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship CB729 Module
Entrepreneurship (HDA) CB6010 Module
European Business CB605 Module
Financial Accounting 1 CB330 Module
Financial Accounting I AC300 Module
Financial Accounting II AC506 Module
Financial econometrics CB767 Module
Financial Regulations & Reporting CB732 Module
Financial Reporting and Analysis CB773 Module
Fixed income securities CB777 Module
Fundamentals of Accounting CB386 Module
Fundamentals of Finance and Investments CB375 Module
Fundamentals of management accounting CB331 Module
Global Business Analysis CB9111 Module
Global Business Environment CB343 Module
Human Resource Management (HDA) CB5033 Module
Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour CB743 Module
Intermediate Financial Accounting CB730 Module
Intermediate Management Accounting CB728 Module
International Banking CB774 Module
Introduction to Data Analysis & Statistics for Business CB367 Module
Introduction to economics EC302 Module
Introduction to Financial Markets and Instruments CB376 Module
Introduction to Management CB312 Module
Introduction to Management (HDA) CB380 Module
Introduction to Marketing CB680 Module
Introduction to Statistics for Business CB378 Module
Introduction to Statistics for Business CB313 Module
Investment Analysis CB775 Module
Leadership and Corporate Strategy CB726 Module
Management Accounting 1 AC520 Module
Management Accounting II AC507 Module
Management Consultancy Report CB9112 Module
Management of human resources CB519 Module
Management principles CB366 Module
Managers and Organisations CB302 Module
Managing Human Resources in Contemporary Organisations CB681 Module
Managing People CB682 Module
Managing People and Teams CB697 Module
MAnaging retail locations CB717 Module
Marketing CB933 Module
Marketing and Value Chain CB727 Module
Marketing Analytics CB5010 Module
Marketing Management and Communications CB9104 Module
Marketing Principles CB371 Module
Marketing principles CB714 Module
Marketing Strategy CB683 Module
Modern Business and Employability CB401 Module
New Enterprise Startup CB612 Module
New Product Development and Innovation Management CB9027 Module
Operations Management (2012/2013) CB514 Module
People and organisations CB300 Module
Portfolio management CB772 Module
Principles of Digital and Social Media Marketing CB9137 Module
Principles of Finance AC508 Module
Production and Operations Management CB8027 Module
Professional skills and employability development CB9123 Module
Programme and Project Management CB9113 Module
Project Management CB725 Module
Project Risk Management CB9191 Module
Quantitative Methods for Business CB368 Module
Quantitative Methods for Finance CB374 Module
Quantitative Models and Methods for Accounting and Finance CB314 Module
Responsible and sustainable value creation CB9061 Module
Retail buying CB716 Module
Retail Distribution and Supply Chain Management CB722 Module
Retail Management CB9028 Module
Retail merchandising CB721 Module
Risk management CB769 Module
Sales Forecasting CB719 Module
Service and Supply Chain Management CB784 Module
Service management CB520 Module
Social Media Analytics CB9136 Module
Socially Responsible Management CB9130 Module
Spreadsheet Modelling for Operational Research CB671 Module
Strategic Human Resource Management CB684 Module
Strategic management practice CB579 Module
Strategic Marketing CB761 Module
Strategic Operations and Supply Chain Excellence CB9105 Module
Strategic Sourcing CB9056 Module
Strategy Analysis and Tools CB676 Module
Strategy Theory and Practice CB731 Module
Taxation CB513 Module
The Digital Consumer CB9135 Module
The International Business Environment CB384 Module
The Management of Operations CB740 Module
Tourism CB304 Module
Tourism in Developing Countries CB557 Module
Tourism Planning and Developoment CB550 Module
Value Chain Analysis CB9026 Module
Value Chain Management CB9025 Module
Web Marketing and Analytics CB9134 Module

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