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Academic development SO328 Module
Adult Services and Community Care SO667 Module
Advanced interventions SO719 Module
Advanced Interventions (SWDA) SWKX5002 Module
Advanced Social Work Practice with Children and Families SO972 Module
Applied and Community Psychology SO649 Module
Applied Cognitive Psychology SP630 Module
Applying Social Psychology to Work SP621 Module
Assessed Work-Based Activity 1 SWKX5001 Module
Assessed Work-Based Activity 2 SWKX6001 Module
Britain on Film SO617 Module
Britain on film SO752 Module
Communication & Interpersonal Skills (SWDA) SWKX4001 Module
Communication and interpersonal skills: M-Level SO896 Module
Communication Skills SO307 Module
Comparative Crime Prevention SO933 Module
Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice SO549 Module
Contemporary Issues in Policing: Concepts, Theories, Debates SA557 Module
Contested Cities SO700 Module
Crime and punishment in England, 1750-1900 SO706 Module
Crime, Punishment and Penal Policy in Englandand Wales c.1800-1960 SA552 Module
Criminal justice practice SO705 Module
Criminal Law SO758 Module
Critical and Reflective Practice SO919 Module
Critical and Reflective Practice (SWDA) SWKX6002 Module
Critical and reflective practice - SO718 SO718 Module
Developmental Psychology SP629 Module
Dissertation SO551 Module
Doing Visual Sociology SO685 Module
Drugs and Culture SO628 Module
Drugs, crime and the criminal justice system SO654 Module
Emotions and Society SO753 Module
Ethics in Everyday Life SO941 Module
Forensic Psychology SP627 Module
Foundations in Social and Criminological Research 2 SO344 Module
Foundations of Social and Criminological Research 1 SA313 Module
Health Policy in Britain SA553 Module
Health, Illness and Society SO704 Module
History of the police and policing SO675 Module
Human cognition SP625 Module
Human Growth and Development SO308 Module
Individual Intervention/Dissertation SO587 Module
Introduction to Contemporary Britain: Economic and Social History from SO326 Module
Introduction to criminology & criminal justice SO329 Module
Introduction to Psychology SP312 Module
Introduction to psychology SP310 Module
Introduction to Sociology SO306 Module
Issues for Families SO717 Module
Issues for Families (SWDA) SWKX5003 Module
Issues for Families in Contemporary Society SO971 Module
Issues in criminal justice SO651 Module
Key Welfare Issues SA551 Module
Law, Rights & Justice (SWDA) SWKX4002 Module
Law, Rights and Justice SO309 Module
Law, rights and justice SO920 Module
Learning to Learn SOCWK01 Module
Legislation and Policy in Social Work Practice SO974 Module
Life Course Development SO970 Module
Lifespan development (SWDA) SWKX4003 Module
Making Sense of Mental Health SO725 Module
Making Sense of Mental Health (SWDA) SWKX5004 Module
Managing and Delivering Community Care Services SO591 Module
Managing Integrated Health Systems SO964 Module
Methods of Social Research SA310 Module
People who use carers and services SO671 Module
People, Politics and Particpation SO714 Module
Policy and Politics of Criminal Justice SO934 Module
Politics And Power SO713 Module
Practice Assignments 1 SO723 Module
Practice Assignments 1 SO944 Module
Practice Assignments 2 SO722 Module
Practice Assignments 2 SO945 Module
Practice Learning Placement 1 SO579 Module
Practice Learning Placement 2 SO580 Module
Practice Placement 1 SO720 Module
Practice Placement 1 SO921 Module
Practice Placement 2 SO922 Module
Practice Placement 2 SO721 Module
Principles and Practice of Social Policy SA550 Module
Prison and Probation Policy and Practice SO935 Module
Prisons, probation and offender rehabilitation SO619 Module
Psychology of Criminal Justice SO548 Module
Psychology of Emotion and Motivation SP628 Module
Psychology of Group Behaviour SP626 Module
Psychology of Social Behaviour SP632 Module
Psychology of Social Cognition SP631 Module
Psychology Research Methods and Data Analysis SP646 Module
Psychology research methods and data analysis SO646 Module
Psychopathology SP622 Module
Public Law SO946 Module
Public Policy Process SO936 Module
Readiness for direct practice SO943 Module
Readiness for direct practice SO409 Module
Readiness for Direct Practice (SWDA) SWKX4004 Module
Research for Social Work Practice SO673 Module
Research for Social Work Practice (SWDA) SWKX6003 Module
Research Methods and Dissertation SO899 Module
Restorative Justice: Concepts, Issues, Debates SO681 Module
Social and Public Policy in Britain: Historical Perspectives SO942 Module
Social Ethics SO556 Module
Social justice practice SO686 Module
Social Policy & Social Problems SO310 Module
Social Policy + Social Problems (SWDA) SWKX4005 Module
Social Policy and Everyday Lives SO749 Module
Social Policy in Global Contexts SO757 Module
Social Practices and Institutions  SO346 Module
Social Problems and Policy SO937 Module
Social Problems and Social Policy (UKM) SA311 Module
Social Research Methods and Evaluation SO592 Module
Social Sciences Professional Practice Assignments SO738 Module
Social Sciences Professional Practice Placement SO739 Module
Social Theory for Social Workers (2012/2013) SO311 Module
Social Work - Adults and Mental Health Issues (MA) SO897 Module
Social work in a a multi-agency context SO672 Module
Social Work in a Multi-Agency Context SWKX5007 Module
Social Work processes, theories and methods SO973 Module
Social Work Services and Service Users SO312 Module
Social Work Skills and Values SO969 Module
Social work theories, interventions and skills SO923 Module
Social Work Theories, Interventions and Skills (SWDA) SWKX4006 Module
Social Work Theories, Methods & Practice 1 SO313 Module
Social work theory, methods and practice 2 SO674 Module
Social Work with Adults SO724 Module
Social Work with Adults (SWDA) SWKX5005 Module
Social work with children and families SO666 Module
Social Work with Children and Families SO716 Module
Social Work with Children and Families SO918 Module
Social Work with Children and Families (SWDA) SWKX5006 Module
Sociological Perspectives and Concepts SO345 Module
Sociological Perspectives for Social Work (SWDA) SWKX4007 Module
Sociological Research Methods SO647 Module
Sociology SO300 Module
Studying Modern Culture SO304 Module
Summer School in Urban Ethnography SO761 Module
The Care and Protection of Children and Families SA531 Module
The individual, the family and society SO924 Module
The politics of criminal justice SO687 Module
The Politics of Social Policy SA312 Module
The Sociology of Time SO765 Module
The Sociology of Urban Life SO759 Module
Theory and method in historical research SO648 Module
Understanding Contemporary Britain SO343 Module
Understanding Social Research SO926 Module
User Group Specific Practice SO589 Module
Values and Social Ethics for Social Work Practice SO314 Module
Values, Ethics & Diversity (SWDA) SWKX4008 Module
Values, Ethics and Diversity SO898 Module
Victims and Crime SO754 Module
Welfare Histories, Welfare Futures: Social Policy in Historical Context SO545 Module
What is social work? (SWDA) SWKX4009 Module
Women and Work: Britain 1850-1975 SO669 Module
Women, crime and justice SO618 Module
Working Across Agencies and Sectors SO586 Module
Young People and Violence SO751 Module
Youth, crime and criminal justice SO650 Module

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