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Advanced Rehabilitation SS801 Module
Advances in rehabilitation SS584 Module
Applied Athlete Support SS820 Module
Applied Nutrition for Sports Performance SS533 Module
Applied rehabilitation SS582 Module
Applied Sport & Exercise Psychology SS546 Module
Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology SS534 Module
Assessment and Training for Optimal Performance SS802 Module
Biomechanical Analysis SS577 Module
Clinical Practice SS560 Module
Contemporary Issues in Sport and Exercise Nutrition SS565 Module
Contemporary Perspectives in Sport Research SS821 Module
Dissertation SS806 Module
Event Management SS578 Module
Examination and Assessment SS561 Module
Exercise for Special Populations SS527 Module
Exercise Prescription, Referral & Rehabilitation SS523 Module
Fitness Training Methods SS570 Module
Functional Anatomy SS326 Module
Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics SS345 Module
Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology SS338 Module
High Performance Physiology SS564 Module
How Sport People and Organisations Work SS350 Module
Human Resource Development SS505 Module
Human Resources Management in Sport SS574 Module
Individual Research Study SS504 Module
Industry Placement SS579 Module
Injury Prevention SS804 Module
Injury Prevention and Return to Play SS585 Module
Introduction to Biomechanics SS327 Module
Introduction to Fitness Testing SS348 Module
Introduction to Human Physiology SS346 Module
Introduction to Professional Skills SS349 Module
Introduction to Sport & Exercise Nutrition SS313 Module
Introduction to Sport & Exercise Psychology SS344 Module
Mechanism of Sports Injuries SS351 Module
Nutrition for the High Performance Athlete SS809 Module
Peripheral joint assessment SS352 Module
Principles of Rehabilitation SS580 Module
Principles of Sports Marketing SS555 Module
Professional Doctorate Research Methods SS810 Module
Psychology for Injury and Rehabilitation SS807 Module
Psychology for sport and exercise rehabilitation SS583 Module
Rehabilitation SS562 Module
Research Design and Planning SS571 Module
Research methods SS575 Module
Research Methods SS830 Module
Research methods SS532 Module
Research Methods SS803 Module
Research Study in Sport Sciences SS566 Module
Research study preparation SS573 Module
Return to Sport SS822 Module
Soft Tissue Techniques SS558 Module
Specialised Issues In Sport SS800 Module
Specialised Issues In Sport and Exercise SS576 Module
Sport & Exercise Leadership SS530 Module
Sport & Exercise Psychology SS312 Module
Sport and Exercise Promotion SS567 Module
Sport and exercise psychology SS569 Module
Sport and Remedial Massage SS353 Module
Sport, Exercise & Health Promotion SS572 Module
Sports Event Management SS503 Module
Sports Industry Placement SS556 Module
Sports Injuries SS559 Module
Sports Massage SS347 Module
Strength and Conditioning SS563 Module
Therapeutic mobilisations SS568 Module
Therapeutic Modalities for Rehabilitators SS581 Module

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