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Advanced Immunology and Microbiology LABS6060 Module
Advanced Laboratory/Industry Skills LABS5010 Module
Advanced Therapeutic Agents for Laboratory Scientists LABS6070 Module
Advanced Therapies: R&D to Market LABS4140 Module
Analytical Chemistry for Laboratory Scientists LABS6110 Module
Applied chemistry LABS4201 Module
Applied Chemistry LABS4040 Module
Applied Microbiology (Science Option) LABS5040 Module
Applied Pharmacology LABS7000 Module
Basic Analytical Chemistry LABS4120 Module
Basic biopharmaceuticals and gene therapy LABS5140 Module
Basic Laboratory/Industry Skills LABS4060 Module
Biochemistry LABS4020 Module
Biochemistry LABS4202 Module
Biology of Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells LABS4200 Module
Biopharmaceuticals and Gene Therapy LABS6040 Module
Business improvement LABS4070 Module
Cell Biology LABS4010 Module
Clinical Pharmacology LABS6050 Module
Company Based Project LABS5020 Module
Company-Based Laboratory Research Project LABS6080 Module
Computational Chemistry for Laboratory Scientists LABS6090 Module
Critical Thinking in Clinical Trials LABS5150 Module
Critical Thinking in Drug Discovery and Development LABS7020 Module
Data Management and Statistics LABS5160 Module
Document Management, Quality Management Systems and Biological Sample Management LABS5170 Module
Drug Discovery and Development LABS6020 Module
Experimental Protocol LABS7010 Module
Finance and Corporate Governance LABS6130 Module
GCP LABS4150 Module
General and Inorganic Chemistry LABS4110 Module
Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Regulations and Ethics Committees LABS4151 Module
GxP (Business Option) LABS5070 Module
Health Economics LABS6140 Module
Human Physiology and Disease LABS4207 Module
Human Physiology and Disease LABS4050 Module
Infection & Immunity (Science Option) LABS5030 Module
Infectious Disease and Allergy Drug Discovery LABS7030 Module
Intro to Data Science I DO1075 Module
Introduction to Data Analytics LABS6120 Module
Introduction to Drug Synthesis LABS5130 Module
Introduction to Polymer Chemistry LABS4130 Module
Materials and Solid State Chemistry LABS5200 Module
Metabolism and Enzymology LABS4208 Module
Metabolism and Enzymology LABS4080 Module
Micro-Economics for Business ECOX3170 Module
Microbiology LABS4030 Module
Nanomedicine for Laboratory Scientists LABS6030 Module
Neuroscience and Drug Discovery LABS7040 Module
Organic Chemistry LABS4090 Module
Organic Chemistry LABS4203 Module
Pharmacology (Science Option) LABS5050 Module
Pharmacovigilance LABS5180 Module
Physical Chemistry LABS4100 Module
Project Background and Design LABS7050 Module
Project Management and Decision Making LABS5190 Module
Regulation of Clinical Research LABS4160 Module
Renal and Cardiovascular Drug Discovery LABS7060 Module
Research methods LABS6010 Module
Research project LABS7080 Module
Separation Science LABS5090 Module
Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry LABS5100 Module
Topics in Functional Materials for Laboratory Scientists LABS610 Module
Translational Biology LABS7070 Module

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