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Advanced Audio Techniques CMAT501 Module
Advanced Individual and Group Performances CMAT601 Module
Advanced Performance, Stagecraft and Psychology CMAT602 Module
Analysing Musical Genre CMAT502 Module
Artist Management and Artist and Repertoire Principles CMAT503 Module
Audio electronic CMAT504 Module
Audio Recording and Editing Techniques CMAT316 Module
Business Plan Development CMAT603 Module
Collaborative Project CMAT604 Module
Composition and Production CMAT505 Module
Contracts, Copyright and Rights Management CMAT506 Module
Creating Audio Applications CMAT614 Module
Creating Music for Performers CMAT314 Module
Critical Listening and Sound-Making CMAT313 Module
Critical Perspective on Music in Society CMAT605 Module
Digital Music Production CMAT312 Module
Dissertation CMAT606 Module
Employment in the Music Industry CMAT607 Module
Ensemble performance CMAT507 Module
Income Streams and Financial Management in the Music Industry CMAT608 Module
Independent Music Project CMAT609 Module
Individual and Group Performance CMAT311 Module
Interactive Audio Electronics CMAT517 Module
Interactive Audio for Video Games CMAT611 Module
Introduction to Audio Synthesis CMAT310 Module
Live Electronics in Music Performance CMAT612 Module
Live Sound CMAT309 Module
Marketing Communications in the Music Industry CMAT315 Module
Mixing and Production Techniques CMAT308 Module
Music and Contemporary Culture CMAT307 Module
Music Event Production Project CMAT306 Module
Music for Film Television and Media CMAT508 Module
Music improvisation CMAT513 Module
Music in the Community CMAT509 Module
Music in the Creative Industries CMAT305 Module
Music Journalism, Press and PR CMAT510 Module
Music Management Principles CMAT304 Module
Music Marketing Strategies CMAT511 Module
Music Performance: Session Skills CMAT514 Module
Music, Arts and Health CMAT613 Module
Orchestration and arrangement CMAT512 Module
Performance and Production Project CMAT303 Module
Performance: Stagecraft and Psychology CMAT302 Module
Post Production for Film and Moving Image CMAT515 Module
Songwriting Techniques CMAT516 Module
Sound Design and Audio-Based Composition CMAT518 Module
Sound Design and Audio-Based Composition CMAT618 Module
Spatial Sound Design, Composition and Performance CMAT619 Module
Spatial Sound Design, Composition and Performance CMAT519 Module
The Science of Sound CMAT301 Module

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